About the Award

In 2020, Rawlings expanded the iconic Rawlings Gold Glove Award® to recognize the best team defense over the course of the regular season. Two teams receive the award each year – one in both the American and National Leagues.

The Rawlings Gold Glove Team Awards utilize a sabermetric model formulated by the Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) known as the SABR Defensive Index™ (SDI). The SDI draws on and aggregates two types of existing defensive metrics: those derived from batted ball location-based data and those collected from play-by-play accounts. SDI utilizes MLBAM’s Statcast, Sports Information Solutions data, and STATS, LLC data as well as traditional statistics with advanced analysis.


2023 - Milwaukee Brewers™ (NL), Toronto Blue Jays™ (AL)

2022 - St. Louis Cardinals™ (NL), New York Yankees™ (AL)

2021 - St. Louis Cardinals™ (NL), Houston Astros™ (AL)

2020 - Chicago Cubs™ (NL), Cleveland Indians™ (AL)